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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cover 1: Peter Palombi

Overspray cover
Overspray has 4 different covers. This one is by Peter Palombi originally used for the album That Is Why You're Overweight, later to be printed as a poster and card by the fantastic Paper Moon graphics. I'll upload the other three covers soon.


saturae said...

Can't wait to read it!


Mia said...

i need to know about the retouching. please do tell.

Mia said...

also - any car culture discussion in the text?

Norman Hathaway said...

Mia, car culture is touched upon a bit, some very funny 70s remembrances by Mike Salisbury in his introductory essay - Porsches, Audis etc.

He's a very cool art director, came up with the glittery glove for Michael Jackson etc.

Norman Hathaway said...

Arbito asked about the retouching as well. This was by far the most taxing part of producing the book. I would estimate 2 solid months of retouch work was spent.

I'll upload some before afters and get into a bit more detail for you soon.

snaggelina said...

No doubt to be an incredible book!

peachblossom said...

Buffest cover ever.

Emilie Goldfinger

Norman Hathaway said...

ok Mia
added a retouching post for you this morning

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