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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cover 3: Dave Willardson

Cover 3: Dave Willardson
Beautiful example of Dave Willardson's work. This was originally used as an album cover.


Jessie Zenor said...

I love this cover, and i love that it has four covers. I cant wait to get it!

Anonymous said...

Looks super lush, Norman. Congrats! I want and indeed will get a copy!

norman said...

yes. i've never seen another book using the 4-cover idea before, so I hope it's an original idea.

cheers angus. i'd really like to hear your comments after you've had a chance to look it over.

Arbito said...

The four cover idea is pretty does it work? I assume the dust jacket doesn't have necessary fine print on it to allow for four clean covers. Did Dave Willardson illustrate the Bo Diddly's 1972 album "where it all began"?

Norman Hathaway said...

Hey Bito-dude,

Each side of the dust jacket is printed with a different design. The back is 180 degrees of the front. Then I printed 2 more on the flipside, so you can swap it around when one cover loses its intense sexual potency for you.

Norman Hathaway said...


No Willardson didn't do the Bo Diddley cover, that was Dough Johnson. Johnson was Charlie White's studiomate when he lived in New York, and did the famous Ike and Tina Turner cover.

The publisher and I are huge fans of his. He and Robert Grossman were on the shortlist to include in the book, but I made the decision to have the book focus on the California scene.

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