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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Original Ruler

This week I'll be uploading a rash of crap recently unearthed at Charles White III's studio in Venice California. Charlie had a colorful career way before he turned into the compressed air king covered in Overspray. This is a photo of Charlie back in the day, sitting under a bedspread (yes, really!) created by his disgustingly talented wife Linda, who's a noted interior designer. So come back soon, there's some good stuff on it's way...

Due to the amount of interest in the wall hanging I phoned Linda White to ask about the TV Dinner, She said it was created for a Bloomingdales Model Room in the 70s for interior designer Robert K Lewis. Bloomingdales was pretty hip at the time and featured contemporary interior designers work within the store. Linda said this room was all done in Brown and white with the TV Dinner bedspread providing the only color. Linda went on from creating textile art and tapestries to designing complete interiors. She heads her own company White Design based in Venice Beach in Los Angeles. She said she still has the bedspread and can see it poking out from her loft storage space from where she sits.


Anonymous said...

I want a quarter, you said crap

Anonymous said...

Now this is the CWIII I remember!

Norman Hathaway said...

Really? With the moth eaten t-shirt and all?

robin said...

omg, i want a giant tv dinner with satin peas.

Snaggs said...

Can I jump into that buttery potato?

Mia said...

fantastic stuff you've unearthed, Norman. more! more!

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