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Thursday, February 12, 2009


This film of Charlie White was made in 1968 by the Haboush Company. Victor Haboush, whose career has spanned 1950s Disney films to the more recent Iron Giant, produced the film via his own company. From a studio in Santa Monica Haboush produced well over 1000 commercials. Victor remembers Paint as a novelty project, shot just for fun, and Charlie as "an exciting guy and an adventurer in the business." Charlie himself notes that Norman Gollin, who directed the film, was a major West Coast presence as an art director, and that he shot it all in one take. No paint-overs, and no practice. It was pure psychedelic improvisation.


Jase said...

omg! it's 50s paint porn!

agitron said...

what a wonderful perverse undertone to all of this

the dialogue about putty knives scraping paint occurring at the same time the nipple is being painted is def cringe worthy-- I'm speaking as a female, of course

dang, Charlie is a master of paisley painting, that 2 stroke blue one on her inner thigh was stupendous

kitty grew up to like smart cars, it seems

Anonymous said...

70's Hippie Era is more like it.
Thanx for this and all of the CWIII's stuff.

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Willardson were giants then and are still revered as image 'wizards' now....not unlike ed rusha. As one of the idiophiles of Los Angeles art, I was deeply influenced and took up the airbrush and modeled my portfolio behind their visual 'style.' It was a good time to be alive and laughing in Los Angeles. John Mabry

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